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KIT Car Lens Repair

KIT Car Lens Repair

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Are you tired of repairing your car lenses and wasting money & time in expensive shops ?

 Each pack contains red, amber and clear-colored panels with a pre-formed grid pattern to closely match the color and reflective quality of any car lens. 

Quick and easy fix for broken car lights, saving you time and money from expensive shop repairs. 
Seamless Fix Has a pre-formed grid pattern that closely matches the color and reflective quality of car lens.
Weatherproof Seal : Backed by a special self-adhesive that forms a weatherproof seal. 
Multi-Color Pack Contains red, amber and clear colored panels, allowing you to repair any light.
Widely Applicable : Ideal for repairing headlights, tail lights, turn signals and markers.
Q: Are there any risks involved in performing a KIT Car Lens Repair?
A: KIT Car Lens Repair products are generally safe to use,
Q: How long does a KIT Car Lens Repair take?
A: The time required for a KIT Car Lens Repair it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to complete the repair process.
Q: Will a KIT Car Lens Repair make my headlights or taillights look brand new?
A: A KIT Car Lens Repair can significantly improve the appearance of dull or faded lenses, making them look clearer and more polished.

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