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Multipurpose Universal Car Steering Wheel Tray Desk

Multipurpose Universal Car Steering Wheel Tray Desk

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Car Steering Wheel Table for Convenient Dining on the Go"

 Car Steering Wheel Table is a practical accessory designed to improve your comfort and efficiency while traveling in the car. Made of quality HDPE material, this table is lightweight, durable and easy to use.

Its double-sided design provides maximum versatility for a variety of uses, whether working, dining or simply relaxing in the car.

Quality Material:

Made of ABS quality material, this steering wheel table is sturdy, lightweight, ergonomic allows easy operation even for the elderly and children.

Double sided :

 this table offers a concave surface on one side to prevent food and drinks from sliding, and a flat surface on the other side equipped with a pen slot, providing great versatility for various in-car activities.

Comfort in use :

 features no support at the bottom, providing greater freedom of leg movement.
This makes it an ideal solution for working or eating in the car, providing optimal comfort for drivers.

Easy to Install and Store:

simply hook the compartment to the steering wheel and adjust it to a comfortable height. Its slim, lightweight design allows it to easily store in the back seat pocket when not in use.

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