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RapidPlug 2.0™ Tubeless Tire Plugger Repair Kit

RapidPlug 2.0™ Tubeless Tire Plugger Repair Kit

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An Easy Solution to Fix Punctured Tubeless Tires

Fix Punctures in a few minutes

No need to remove the tire for puncture repairs! RapidPlug 2.0™ Repair Kit uses an automatic mechanism, which allows you to fix your puncture without removing the wheels or putting in any extra effort.

Permanent Solution to Puncturing!

Forget the conventional sticky strips and switch to our Mushroom Plugs, which provide a permanent solution to your Flat Tire. The head of the mushroom plug fixes the puncture from the inside, and the stem of the plug seals the line of the puncture, thus providing a permanent solution.

Better Than Conventional!

RapidPlug 2.0™ Mushroom-shaped plugs provide the ultimate solution to all tubeless tire punctures. The mushroom plugs are made of a unique combination of rubber that does not wear out with time compared to conventional puncture strips.

The RapidPlug 2.0™ kit is the ultimate solution for fixing punctures on the go. This comprehensive kit includes all the essential tools needed to repair tire punctures. Plus, it comes in a premium-finish carry pouch, making it incredibly convenient to take with you wherever you ride. With a net weight of less than 700g and a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand, the RapidPlug 2.0™ kit is designed for easy portability



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