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Vacuum Household Mite Removal Instrument

Vacuum Household Mite Removal Instrument

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Introducing the Mite Vacuum Remover, the ultimate solution for a cleaner, healthier home. This innovative device effectively removes dust mites, allergens, and other microscopic particles from your mattresses, upholstery, and fabrics, ensuring a pristine living environment for you and your family.

Deep Cleaning

This powerful,Cordless Anti Dust/Mite Remover features 10,000 times/min high-frequency rolling & a 2300 rpm high-speed motor for a robust 10KPa suction! Say goodbye to mites, dust, & pet hair that accumulate on various surfaces.

High-Efficiency Filtration System

The fully sealed filtration system effectively separates clean air & dust without leakage, & regular cleaning of the washable filter can prevent suction loss & clogging.

It powerfully compresses dust & fresh air, expertly filtering out fine particles of debris, trapping large particles of waste, securely locking dust & dirt, & expelling clean, pure air.

Versatile Cleaning

From clothing & bedding to pillows, mats, sofas, & car this device can handle it all. Enjoy a comprehensive solution for maintaining a clean environment.

Powerful Suction & Wireless Design

The high-capacity battery gives you a longer duration of cordless operation, granting you more freedom to clean, extending your range, & delivering greater control! 

A powerful 10000Pa suction gets right down to where the dust & mites hide, quickly & effectively eliminating any excess.

Easy to Clean

The dust cup is removable & washable. The removable HEPA filter is easy to clean under the tap without the hassle of diminished suction or clogged dust.

Prolonged Durability

Regular use of the mite remover prevents the accumulation of debris that can damage & degrade your belongings over time, helping them retain their quality for longer.

How to Use

Step 1: Ensure the mite remover is fully charged before use.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate attachment based on the surface you're cleaning.

Step 3: Turn on the device using the user-friendly controls.

Step 4: Gently move the mite remover over the surface, allowing the device to lift away mites, dust, and pet hairs.

Step 5: For heavily soiled areas, you may need to go over the surface multiple times.

Step 6: Regularly empty the collection chamber to maintain optimal performance.

Step 7: Store the mite remover in a cool, dry place when not in use.



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